Monday, December 19, 2011

{Harhay Family}

{This was truly one of my favorite families to work with. They all were open do try anything I wanted to try, which made my job super fun! I love seeing each family members personality come out. 
Thank you for such an enjoyable morning! Merry Christmas!} 

{Familian Family}

Sunday, December 4, 2011

{The Wadsworth Family}

Capturing those real moments when my clients forget about the camera and focus on the love between  themselves and her child or the love between a husband and his wife, those moments are my favorite moments to photograph. This family had lots of tenderness & silliness to capture! These are the moments that solidify why I love my job so much. Even though it was super cold outside, these kiddos were SUCH troopers during our VERY chilly photo session. I couldn't believe how good they were, even I was shivering but they really did a great job. And aren't they both just so handsome? 

{Thank you Wadsworth family, for such a fun session!} 

{Baby Tenley}

Remember {this} gorgeous Momma to be? 

Well, she had her beautiful baby girl Tenley! Elle came with me to Kelly & Eddie's house for a play date with Tenley. She mostly just sat in a bumbo chair the whole time, she can't quite "assist" me during photo jobs just yet..... I had SUCH a great session with these new parents. You wouldn't know they were "new" parents because they aren't the typical nervous, paranoid parents (like Dustin & I were with our first!) Ed even knew how to shush Elle and bounce her just right when she got fussy. You should never doubt a daddy's instinct, even first time dads. They know some stuff! Maybe I'm just a big baby, or maybe it's the hormones, but I had a hard time keeping it together during our session. Seeing these two with their new baby, how natural they were and SO in love, it was overwhelmingly sweet. Congrats, you two on your beautiful baby girl.