Saturday, June 23, 2012

{Goodman Family}

Nicole & Aaron were in our pre-marital class at church {6} years ago! Love these guys!
Look at the way their beautiful family has grown since then?! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{Babies + Boobs} Making Breastfeeding Normal

Breastfeeding isn't natural. 
Yes, I said it. It's not natural. It's not natural like breathing is natural and easy. We come out of the womb breathing, and it's (usually) an easy thing. But nursing a baby just simple isn't always "natural."

When I was given the honor of participating as one of the 3 photographers in Vegas to shoot these ten lovely mommas for the Nevada Breastfeeds calendar, I quickly realized, (as they spoke of their experiences breastfeeding), that each mom and baby had their challenges in learning the ropes of nursing. (I'll post more on this topic soon, as I too have learned that nursing a baby with a bubble pallet + milk supply issues have made nursing a challenge for me as well.) Offering more support and information to woman, I believe will create more success for nursing mothers. Again, more about breastfeeding later. For now, I want to share these photos with you.

There is something quite magical about the relationship between mom & baby during the early years of life. I was once sort of squeamish about seeing a mothers exposed skin while she nursed. (I recently read somewhere a quote that made me laugh. "Everyone wants to see your boobs until you need to feed your baby with them." Ha! So true!) Now, it's like, if you've seen one boob, you've seen them all....

I want to give a special thank you to these ten mothers and their babes. I feel highly honored to have been given this special glimpse into the relationship between you and your little nugget. The moments when you sang to your baby through a sweet whisper while nursing, asked your toddler where your nose was and she reached up and pointed at yours, when your baby boy wrapped his tiny hand around the strands of your hair and tugged-playing little games with you while he nursed, when your three year old sat next to you with her baby brothers legs across her lap and both babies lovingly gazed into your eyes (putting a major lump in my throat!), normalizing tandem nursing for me..... these are sweet moments that I will cherish. It was so great getting to know you ladies! 

Breastfeeding isn't always "natural" but it IS indeed normal.