Monday, August 9, 2010

{Pyper & Tracy}

This is Pyper. She is 13 months old. She likes her Mommy, cupcakes, bubbles, blowing kisses, clapping and wearing pretty purple tutus. She and her Mommy went to the park to play, and I got to come along. Enjoy.


  1. You are SO SO SO SO SO talented. These are beautiful images! Move to Atascadero, California so you can photograph my munchkins :)

  2. i LOVE these pictures! they are soooo adorable and that is some amazing photography there! you are very talented indeed!


  3. I JUST came across your photo blog and have to say that I LOVE your work...I kinda think that we have some similarities in the way we shoot.
    I'm gonna fire you an email sometime....
    I'm a fan! Great work!