Wednesday, December 1, 2010

{Cruse Family}

This session was so much fun. I absolutely loved how playful, happy and sweet baby boy Cayden was. 
I couldn't help but marvel at Amanda's beauty (what a stylish, cute little mom she is!) 
and also at what a sweet Dad Chad is to his little boy.
(Chad & I went to middle school and high school together and It's really
 neat to see people I grew up with as grown ups now.) 
I know it's a good sign when I can't stop smiling while editing. 
These photos totally put a smile on my face and I hope they put a smile on yours as well. 


  1. Oh they're adorable!
    Great shots!

  2. I totally went to high school with Amanda! These pictures are so cute (especially the last one) and their son is absolutely adorable!