Tuesday, May 1, 2012

{Boston, Tiffany & Jude}

We met Boston & Tiffany at Well Rounded Momma back when we were 8 months pregnant with Elle. We were all in the same childbirth preparation class & excited to both be on the same journey to birth our babies at home. It has been a blessing to get to know this family better and Elle has a major crush on this handsome little Jude bug.... we're keeping a close eye on those two!

It excites me that a few moms lately have asked to have a few photos taken while nursing their little ones. Seeing the interaction between Jude and his Mommy while nursing was truly touching. He would reach his hand up and stick it in Tiffany's mouth and she'd kiss his hand and pretend to bit his fingers.... Then, they'd give each other high fives, he'd notice some doggies in the distance and pull off-smile at the dogs and go right back to nursing. It was quite adorable. 
Our family had a blast at the carnival/food truck festival with you guys! 
{Happy 10 years of marriage!}