Wednesday, January 6, 2010

{Swapp Family}

The swapps were one of the goofiest, hilarious, sweetest families I've ever met. I think my favorite shots of the day had to be of the Mom & Dad. Their tenderness, and the words of wisdom about family the Mom/Grandma spoke were enough to have us all in tears. They are an incredible family! I had a really good time spending my afternoon with all of them and what a joy to capture these moments. Going through their photos, It got me thinking...It might be kind of fun to have 6 kids! The more the merrier! Right?! I'll stick with my 1 kid for now, but you never know!!


  1. Honestly unbelieveable! They are such an amazing family and you caught all of it on camera. You are so talented. I love you Chelsea!

  2. aw amy. what a HUGE encouragement you are to me! Love you too girl! Thank you!

  3. LOVELY photoshoot, Chelsea! :) I honestly can say that it IS a (sometimes randomly) wonderful thing to be one of six kids. :) Can't wait till a picture of our family looks like that--I can just see it...well, 10yrs from now. Everyone matched up. :) So cute! Great job!! <3