Monday, January 11, 2010

Yes, I'm the mom who has a gazillion pictures

of my son's sweet, dimply butt!

I seem to take a lot of "bath" photos.
It seems like every few weeks I'm in there with my camera shrieking
at the sight of that adorable cottage cheese booty & those wet eye lashes.
Maybe it's that the bath is where he's happiest-swishing his hands in the water,
and unplugging the water over and over just to have me re-plug it!
I thoroughly enjoy watching the two of my boys-Conrad & his Dad playing.
The both of them giggling sends me over the moon!

My favorite:

I think I just went into a diabetic coma from the sweetness of that face!
It's too much, too much.

More bath pics here, here, & here


  1. you have the sweetest pics!! i need you to do some of weston and bri, and maybe family ones!!

  2. You just let me know! I'd LOVE to shoot your family....with my camera that is. Just wanted to clarify!

    Hope all is well.

  3. he's really cute. and your pictures are great!